Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just like old times...

Had wonderful lunch today with one of the 'besties'. Been a long time too since we did. It felt like old times.. i guess. Can't remember the last time it was only the two of us. It felt weird, and yet so natural at the same time. Since he's done after being enslaved for 2 years... finally we have him back home.

Wish we had the whole group for lunch though... Maybe next time :)

Had interesting conversations too. It was nice. The type that makes u all happy. Not to sound like a gushy lover, but its nice to talk to someone without having to hold back. I can only think of one other person, but she's busy enough as it is. Wouldn't want to put her in a blue mood.

Anyway, gotta look for something better to do. A job. A nice and enjoyable one too.

Guess that's it for now.

I realize i sound depressing. Lol, deal with it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

And now..

Its exactly 5.19am right now... and only God knows why i'm still up and writing on this blog... after so SO long... Guess it was an impulse that suddenly overcame me..

Its been forever. Wow, i really cant describe how it feels to do this again after so long.. Gosh..

Its almost the end of the year (shy of 2 months).. And obviously SO MUCH has happened.. Sigh..

1. I'm done with college.. i would've posted "Hurray!!!" back when it was still fresh after exams.. now not so much. I miss it, well not the classes or the assignments... the people. I miss them. I miss them so much. Damn, i wish i was waking up 2moro to go to class.. and get a call from Su Fen asking where am i.. look for a parking spot... wait for Nadya to finish her make-up... run away from the putrid smell of cow in the morning and rushing into class... leaving again to buy snacks and Milo... waiting for the lecturer... My favorite is watching ppl doze off in class (Jason) .. and all that jazz.

2. I'm not doing anything right now. Staying home, spending quality time with my family, friends and most of all, my bed. I'm more of a bed potato. I realize that now. If ever i was given super powers, it would be to sleep at will. Beat that, Rapunzel.

3. College. I actually did quite well. Nadya too. Can't believe its over. Exams were a mess. So many people broke down (yours truly included). "Mum" cried too... Pressure was bad... I remember that one of those many days of studying (cramming) we were in the library and reading our notes.. i start to feel a little tingle in my eye... i checked a mirror and apparently, long story short, i popped a blood vessel because u could see blood in the white area of my eye.. wasn't big... not that microscopic either. Freaked me out completely. Definitely shows how much everybody was worried.. to the point of turning into a zombie. Have to thank Mum for her incredible strength to pull everyone through.. Everybody knows this.. She should be named a Saint. Really. Love you babe :)

3. My general state hasn't quite changed. You'd think that in 1 year everything would be different. I guess God hasn't played his cards on me yet. But i am thankful for all that he's given me so far. I'm still the same old me, only with a better Certificate i guess.

4. Friends. Safe to say that im still friends with all the names mentioned in this blog... College friends, although i dun see them around anymore (except for a few) i try to keep track of them.. Hmm... i believe that i don't have very many of them. It's fine, really. I find it quite easy with the ones i have.. And how I'm very happy to still be able to call them friends, near or far.. Wherever they are, old or new. Miss you guys so much :)

Oh well, i guess I'll just have to take one step at a time to get use to this again. The fact that I'm just blabbering on and on is a little weird. I do think that i sound better in words. I probably look better too. The fact that its almost 6 in the morning probably is the main culprit i think.

If you're reading this.. First of all, hey :) Second of all, sorry for not updating. I simply forgot.

Hope this isn't the last of me..

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How long has it been???

Okay, okay this is SO my bad... i haven't written for so long!!!! my god! this is just a teenie weenie post so don't expect much!

i just wanna say that im still alive and breathing!! hahahahaha! dun worry, i'll update ASAP!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Tagged Your IT!!!!!

1. What's the relationship of you and her/him ?
Groopies! (sounds like those olden flower power hippies... hahahaha!)

2. Your 5 impressions towards her/him ?
He's a funny guy! His 1st impression to me was the absolute best.. i secretly (at that time) named him "Elmo" when i first saw him on stage in college... to be in the same group was such an awesome thing...back to the question, i'd say Funny, Happy-go-lucky, Genius (out of the box kinda guy in my view), Confident, and oh so Cute... ( oh yeah, i just admitted in writing that LG is CUTE!!!! hehehehehe! kembang la mcm nih..... )

3. The most memorable things she/he have said to you
"JIJI-MIJI"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

4. The most memorable thing she/he had done for you
so far... there's to much.. even the smallest favours like "please hold my things.." or "please teach me this (accounts.. ugh!).." all so memorable.. thanks for all of it. =)

5. If she/he became your lover, you will..
Probably wonder why in the world he said yes to me in the first place!!! hahahahahahahaha! i mean, seriously... me n LG???? Anyone with ME????? hahahahahaha!!! *snort*

6. If she/he become your enemy, you will..
(scream "DIE BASTARD DIE"...) what?? erm.. um.. oh! i would probably break down and cry... i guess.. =P

7. If she/he become your lover, she/he has to improve on..
Definately character if he is going to survive the likes of me... hehehehe!

8. If she/he become your enemy, the reason is..
taking an elmo doll and sit on it infront of him???? hahahaha!.. oh wait.. maybe because i accidently burn his eyebrows while doing my flambe.... knowing me and my klutzy self.. hehehe!

9. The most desirable thing to do on him/her is ?
bite his cheek..... ( oooooooooooooooooooooooooh!!!!! hehehehehe!!!)

10. The overall impression of him/her is...
he's great.. really! u can't find another quite like him out there....

11. How do you think the people around you feel about you ?
they hate me.... probably call me "fat-equator-arse" when im not around....

12. The character of you for yourself is ?
I am an ugly fat equator arse....

13. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is ?
i hate it that im very apologetic (is it a word?) the fact that i say sorry to almost anything is annoying.... isn't it pll???
14. The most ideal person that you wanna be is ?
a much more responsible and mature person.. i guess we take time to learn these things thru life experiences and so on....
15. For the people who care about you and likes you, say something about them.
i really apreciate them for being around me... for all those who had me at my worse, and the 2 special ppl (u know who u are) who have been there for my absolute, absolute worse... know that i love u all and can't seem think why God sent me u guys to my aid.. ( i mean COME ON, he sends u guys???? Where are all the HUNKS?? hahahahahahaha!!!!)

Ten people to tag!!!! Victims!!!!
1. Shannon
2. Wayne
3. Philbert
4. June
5. Faiz
6. Reagan
7. Sean
8. Joanne
9. LG
10. Eevon
Who is no.2 having a relationship with ?
well, i heard there's someone new... no idea who tho....

No.3 is a male or female ?
Is Big Bird a male or female? hmmm... if i google it, do u think it will say????

If no.7 and no.10 were together, would it be a good thing ?
um... a lil awkward.... but, well i dunno...

How about no.5 and no.8 ?
Same answer.....

What is no.1 studying about?
Diploma in Hotel Management.. but if im not mistaken he already has a Ph.d in B.I.T.C.H Management....

Is no.4 single ?
Last time i checked.. ya.

Say something about no.6 ?
GO Manchester United *punch fist into air*... Yeah! woo hoo!!

Fiuh! hahahaha! if ur TAGGED, DO IT!!!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Merajuk/Hates Me?

Most of u ppl might not know this... but once upon a time ago... i was a huge Manchester United fan ( yes i'm admitting it in black and white.. ok fine, red and white..) during the reigning days of Beckham, Van Nistelrooy, Nicky Butt and others, far from the current days of Ronaldo, Rooney, Vidic ( who is, i think HOTTER that Ronaldo!!) and Berbatov who might result for Rooney to be benched, or so they said in today's papers ...

There was never a specific reason of me ending my support for them... again i wasn't the biggest of fans.. i was a confused little girl who didn't shite about football... i mean i know the basics ( im not that dumb) but not the specifics... i wouldnt be the one screaming my lungs out when ppl said bad things bout Man U, but i would definately counter it.. again as little as possible... i wont be painting my face red and singing "Glory Glory Man United" everytime we won a match... and for any consolation... the only other football team that i knew existed ( in my mind ) was England... for real!

So, when i started meeting these ppl and watching games/matches ( more specifically, 2 of my sister's ex boyfriends... yeah two!) and they actually took their time to so call educate me with the game, and even more with their team.. Liverpool...

Then i learned slowly about the world of football... i AM still learning about it, and im not ashamed to say it out loud.. Gone were the days when i tot that the Man U players were THE best in the World.. and oh goodness, did i mention that i didnt know that players could be sold and bought to other teams.. yeah, lame i know...

And amidst all this learning, i finally got attached to not only football, but to Liverpool.. i found myself wanting to watch all their matches and scores.. scream quietly everytime they won... And slowly, the Man U team ( again, no specific reason) vanished and what appeared was the likes of Riise, Hyypia, Bellamy, Kuyt, Carragher, Reina, Pennant, Crouch, Kewell (my hunny bunny), Gerrard, and Rafa Benitez who, if my memory serves me correctly, just started the so called Rafalution ( i laughed when i first heard this)

i think that was then when i decided to be a Liverpool supporter full time..

and now with Babel, Skittles (Skrtel), Keane and my personal favourite hotties.. TORRES and RIERA, im loving it!

If ur familiar with the football world, u would have realised that this happened quite recently... i mean the switch to Liverpool.. although the Man U team i supported was in the past and safe to say, long gone with Beckham in US, and stuff.. u noe what i mean rite??? like... i was a Man U fan a LONG time ago... and then i sort of became... "teamless" for a while... actually a LONG time... till i decided to vouch for Liverpool...

what im trying to say is King, and all those Man U fans... even tho i laugh at ur faces everytime Man U loses or when we kick ur ass... that feeling of jumping for joy everytime Man U wins against other teams are still there.. i still update myself with both teams... Safe to say my second team.. is, and forever will be ManU... i know, what a wierd combo... its lyk im supporting both Pak Lah and Anuar.. but yeah.. haha!

i kinda let that info slip some time ago to my sis, who also asked me why Liverpool all of the sudden... she being a Man U fan and all... so i told her.. and my secret of supporting Man U second... i got a lecture of a lifetime! ugh! it was horrible.....

So yeah.. again, what im trying to say is, im Liverpool for LIFE.. but Man U is still gonna be there forever... my first love so to speak.. u never forget ur first love right??

I TOTALLY agree with u on Arsenal.. they have been a strong team, since forever.. and even tho u dont hear much hoo-haa from them.. they're slowly sneaking up from behind and whupping ass.. although they have my condolences for ytds game against Hulls.. who would have known man... i never ( and still) have nothing bad to say against them except to call them Arse-anal... hahahahahaha!!

Chelsea or in my words, Chel-siut, is utter bullshit! i hate the team... i think u guys should know about this... We Man U, Arsenal and Liverpools should join hands against Chelsea.. but i have to admit, although i hate Chelsea, some of its players like Terry, Anelka, Drogba i have respect for.. again only the players.. not the team!

fiuh.. i guess i rest my case..

i really hope u unblock my number King....oh ya, did i mention i've sent Reagan 3 smses and they all bounced back.. 2 calls that didnt go thru.. so i have concluded that he blocked my number.. its the only obvious answer right now..

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


ello there... my goodness!!! thx for leaving all those msgs ppl... real sorry for not responding for.... a really long time actually... hahaha!

it just hit me that:
1. i haven't updated diddly squat for a crazy CRAZY long time, and
2. im bored of my blog layout.... hehe!

so i'll probably do something about it later... so i guess i do owe u guys a quick glance of my training huh? its the best thing i can come up with right now... so here goes nothing.


Training was, all and all, one of THE best experiences i've encountered throughout my 19 years of life. I mean it, really. 2 months is so not enough. I remember on my first day, i was scared to death... scared of fitting in, being bullied, being "slaved" like my first training.... ok it wasnt exactly slaving but in comparison... yeah it was...

The first week was scary. im not gonna lie. Getting used to the new surrounding was hard enough as it was, the people as well... But then again, i was the "quiet mouse" so i dont blame them for not opening up to me... And oh boy did they open up to me later on!

From the hostesses.. to the waiters, kitchen staff, managers.... my oh my! they are, i quote, one of the best "instant famileis" that im lucky enough to have... and there's only three instant families for me.... My own instant family, My college family... and now, i guess its them... i dont have to see them everyday to think of them.. there just there... like u college peeps... ( are u guys crying yet? haha!)

its like how one of my bartenders said.. When u dont have to say the words 'sorry' or 'Thank you' to someone, it means u have accepted them as a close friend... And i think it is true..

i just realised that im using the word 'like'... like mad but nevermind...

Anyways, training was a blast. I wished i could go on with it. Im gonne miss it. Full stop.


Now, updates on myself..
i dah gemok.... :(
hahaha! no, really.. eating like mad! haha! thats all about me..
oh ya, im also nocturnal now.. yeah.. theres that.

Other than what i've written. that is all thats interesting that is going on... OH WAIT!

My sister, Alia is leaving for UK on Friday... boo hoo.... im gonna miss her so much.. sigh..

i'll post something with pics soon.. okay??

peace out!


Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Little Twit

UPDATE UPDATE!!! hahaha!

yea yea i noe... took me a damn long time right??? i have a real good excuse for it tho.. and im damn emo right now so bear with me.. I'll let u noe why along the way...

let me just categorize everything alright??? =)

1. Training (at a glance)
So far, its DA BOMB!! really really!! everything about it is just so exciting! despite the politics (crazy shit politics man!) everyone there are total sweethearts. So much for "a cruel cruel world" or "a harsh industry" kinda talk... i mean, not everything and everyone is perfectly fine. Its just that i didnt expect it to be this fun!

My managers are laid back... the kind where u can easily relate to... and talk to. Jokes and laughter throughout the day (well, most of the days so far including some drama or as they call it, "wayang"). Basically a casual and non-serious atmosphere kinda place.

Only sad part is my Supervisor just got transferred to the Pavillion branch. He's the clown of the whole bunch (somewhat of a cheerleader too!). So not having him around is kinda boring and makes the place seem quiet to the point of death when there are no customers.... ugH!

Right now, i am a Hostess or what we call in TGI, an SPG which stands for "smiling people greeters"... Cool huh??? my job description is damn easy! Wanna noe what it is??


  • smile, kiss *ss and try to even lick and fan guest's *ss when first greeting guest
  • initiate hypocrite mode and lead the guest to table while s*cking up to the guest
  • remain a hypocrite when u speak to a guest
  • maintain hypocrite face and posture when you take all the crap and b*llsh*t and the f*cked up sh*t *ss donkey attitude from a guest
  • maintain hypocrite face and personality when answering, solving or when talking to guest after taking all the cr*p and b*llsh*t and the f*cked up sh*t *ss donkey attitude from a guest
  • maintain (again) hypocrite face when a little twit of an Arab boy follows you around the whole bloody restaurant saying something in Arabic only to find out later after he screams at you in the middle of the bloody reastaurant that he wants a bloody lighter to light something up for himself
  • still maintain hypocrite face when a little twit of an Arab boy runs around you (again) holding a birthday candle that CLEARLY came from the candle basket at the restaurant (this is ur cue to hide the basket and check regularly)
  • STILL MAINTAIN a hypocrite face when you find that half of the birthday candles in the basket are gone 10 minutes later and have a feeling that the little twit of an Arab boy had something to do with it
  • STILL MAINTAIN a hypocrite face when you find the little twit of an Arab boy running around with candle stick pieces and dropping them everywhere
  • Keep both of your hands in your pockets
  • STILL TRY TO F*CKING MAINTAIN when you lead the guest to the exit and refrain all feelings to kick the little twit of an Arab boy on the backside while he isn't looking

See? Its not THAT hard now is it???

I'll write up a whole day-to-day thing up so u can read my daily drama in Fridays... haha!

2. College
I miss it... hehehe~
Just that i miss u nincampoops lah.... SO MUCH!!! i hope u guys are alright with ur training... i wanna call most of u up but then again, im scared that u might be on duty, and u cant pick up, and then la la la, and then bla bla bla, and so on so forth....

3. The reason of me "emo"ing...
My maid threw away my contact lense case.

That was it. That is why im pissed as hell. Her reason of throwing it was this :

"Oh, saya tengok tak ada apa-apa dalam kotak itu. Sebab itu lah saya buang.

Best part is it was covered in god noes what rubbish in my rubbish bin... ashes and dust and some kind of berbulu sh*t......

Then i said:

"Memang lah kosong! Saya tengah pakai isinya!"

And she said:

"Oh ye ke?

(Ader jugak kes Nirmala Bonat 2 kejap lagi! Grrrrrrrrrr!)
Yeah.. very funny! u can stop laughing now...


Anyway, haha.. i'll write up more posts when im up to it... im quite tired right now... and suprised with the length of the post! hahahaha! dunno where all the words came from...

kay, Ciao!

ps: i was not trying to descriminate in my post. all info was based on actual facts... hahaha! didnt mean to hurt any feelings! if i did offend you however.. my apologies... Peace!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Of Malaysia Kini, Taylors College and


To all Taylors College Students. (TCHT & TCPJ)

This company called Malaysia Kini is planning to make Taylors college its pioneer group or shall we call it, "pilot" of a website. They came to see Mr murali this morning and i was there by chance actually. Nicholas was there too. Basically, their team came down to generally let us know informally of what the wanted to do and what the expect us to contribute. Also, for your extra information Malaysia Kini is one of our major sponsors for the MAPCU games in July.

The website is currently running under Wordpress and will stay so for about 3 months. You can go and have a look at the website now but mind you, they're still testing it out.

The website's name is :

They're planning this website as a stepping platform where college students can get a chance to voice out about stuff like reviews and critics. They also need bloggers! As in, they want to feature blogs such as travel logs, food blogs, of posts that revolves around topics like nightlife, fashion, women, etc. stuff like that... and the amount of freebies that they're giving away... is whoa! Some of their sponsors are Buena Vista, Tower Records, Klue Magazine(if i am not mistaken) and more. All those who contribute or who's posts get chosen will get something in return. Also, if they find any of your general posts interesting, they will also feature it.

Later on, other interesting things such as forums, games, competitions, videos and etc will be introduced. But, again we are still in the planning process and everything isn't properly put up yet. There is also a column called 'campus' where they plan to list down events being held in respective colleges so the college students are aware of happenings around them. Other than that, posts such as interviews will also be put up. Examples are like interviews of small time celebs who aren't well exposed to us in our college.

Right now, it is strictly for Taylors College students only... I repeat, STRICTLY Taylor's College students ONLY and as far as i know, this only concerns TCHT and TCPJ. I have no idea about Main Campus. Will confirm on a later date. When the trial period is over, only then will it be open to other colleges. Safe to say that we are the so called foundation of this project.

Now, we need 2 music critics and 2 movie critics. 1 boy 1 girl each. and we need a proper one, not someone who wants it just for the freebies. The 2 movie critics will be given free movie passes to latest and upcoming movies and they will have to write up review on it. Just a short one, but it has to be a proper honest review. Same thing goes to the music critics... they will be given free cd's (i assume) to listen to and submit the reviews of it up. To whom, i cannot exactly confirm because i have to pass the names to the project manager. Her name is Joanna from Malaysia Kini... she is the advertising exec if i'm not mistaken.

**TCPJ**I was hoping that you being in mass com, would know someone who has the potential of being taylor's next Simon Cowell.. Haha!! i know its last minute, but i need the names by monday if you have any... but i think i can buy us some time... **TCPJ**

But nevertheless, **TCHT** if you do know someone worthy please let me know. Criteria is simple. Someone who is very opinionated and is not afraid to voice out. Basically Simon Cowell. **TCHT**

Our main concern now is the 4 critics. I will produce another email concerning the blogs on a later date.

ps: please forward to those whom you think is relevant because i might not have their email addresses. Please check and see whomever i left out. Thank you.

My Friend Dath.

This is my good friend, Zri Dath.

He is 19 years old.

He declared war against me.

A war where we "publically humiliate" each other.

Here's my version of public humiliation.

Here's a picture of him when he was in Kindergarten.

Even though i have an English exam tomorrow where i have to write loads of essays... because i love you, im spending time to write this post of you...

Ha ha Dath. Ha ha.

And you were beginning to think Gorilla was funny!

Let the games begin!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Exams... (ugh)

its that time again of where an institution, be it a school or a college, put its students thru what is best described as TORTURE!!! hahaha! okay fine, exams. Dont we all just love it...

Anyway... in the process of de-stressing, i thought it would be fun snapping some pictures during this "crazed period" and here's a look at everyone studying AKA cramping (for some of them) :

This is actually a picture of my Econs.... ugh! shit subject i tell u (no offense to all those who take business and/or econs course)

how my bed has been looking like this past week. Mind you... this is only one side of the bed! hehe!

This is Dida AKA Miss Tyco-who-can-actually-sit-down-and-stalk-people-online-during-exam-week. Ha ha...

What u guys will be seeing next is pictures of my dudes and dudettes right before our first exam, Malaysian Studies... now you might think theres nothing wrong with that.... But for ur information, the bloody paper was on a freaking SATURDAY!!!!!!! ( i hate u bitch for being exempted from this paper!!!! haha! i noe u love me too!!!)

We were all waiting in some kind of locker room that was attached to the toilet.. it was so freaking weird coz nobody in the right state of mind would ever think that there was a seating area in it before being told so.... haha! this guard told us, so yeah....

Philly and June

Sufie and her stressing pose!!! damn funny!!!!

But check out LG's photo!!

look at his foot! its like distorted! hahaha! not forgetting his "twin" for the day Mr. Juan... hahahahahahahaha!!!

Fried Maki!

This was supposed to be a candid shot but as u can probably see everyone in here are posing.... especially yang pakai tie merah tuh... sibuk!

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Emo.. yet again

Life seemed so simple back when i was a kid. No worries in the world. None at all. Why couldn't it stay that way...

It isn't fair that we get thrown into situations that are beyond our control once we grow up.. Simple things... hurtful things...

I wish people were nicer, like they were when i was younger. I wish there won't be any fights, arguments, or whatsoever that would hurt not only those involved, but also those around them.

Its sad to hear about lost friendships, especially when the main reason it happened didn't have you in it.


Never in my life have i heard of such stories revolving these three words. I guess it all comes with age. At a certain point in life, one will come across these words... And learn of the meaning the hard way.

I pity those who are going thru it now.

I wish it wouldn't be that way.

But who am i to judge? Some deserve it, some do not. Life isn't fair, if it was it wouldn't be called life wouldn't it? However, it IS entirely up to you to choose whether to embark on the journey in the path ahead or not. Meaning that where you stand in life it is your responsibility. There's no blaming others.

Peer pressure or curiosity it may be, what you end up being is your responsibility. Your future, is in your hands. Don't throw it away, because it might just disappear on you one day.

Friday, May 30, 2008


I hope God is merciful to those i love

I hope God is great to those i love

I hope
he finds them good people
good halves
better halves
ones that deserve them.

I hope
they live happily
they live prosperously
full of joy
full of love.

I hope
they find someone who loves them for who they are
for what they are
not for what they come with.

I hope
they follow their hopes and dreams
follow their mind and body
follow their heart and soul.

I hope
life treats them kind
treats them fairly
treats them unsparingly

I hope
because i know they deserve it
deserve the life
the life with a happy ending

I know
in the end they will.

This is me

nothing in particular to talk about actually. just felt like spilling out some stuff onto the net... because what i heard was, my parents can't afford a shrink to listen and help me with my problems... and so i have to do this just to get the attention....

sigh... if only they knew how much those words "hurt" (sarcasam guys!)
hahaha.. but the past is the past... wateva that doesnt concern u, dun be bothered.. take it from me... because you might think u know the whole story... but you dont. you just dont.

theres nothing for us to do... we didnt start it... we didnt start nothing... they brought it upon themselves... so in the end, the shame is all theirs..

i always knew i am mean at times... i mite not go "yo moma!" at you.. but if im at the peek of my moods... i can say pretty nasty stuff. i mean really nasty... and if ur thinking that im talking bout my sarcasm.. ur so wrong.

one should always take pride in what they do.... they also should always take the responsibility. i did my part.. so i paid my debt. god knows why they went ranting bout it afterwards. as i said, watever that doesnt concern u, dont bother because u mite not know the whole story.

this is my blog. i can write any shit or crap that i want. u have no right to judge it. if u dont like what i say / what you read.. here's what u can do:
1. close ur eyes / ears OR
2. fuck off

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Million Apologies

For those who actually bother checking my blog.... im seriously sorry for dissapointing you as... i've been so busy with my work... i kinda stoppped my refurbishing work on my blog.... hehe!

Give me a few more days... It'll be up and running (with updates) in no time!

Friday, February 29, 2008

My 19th...

being in penang.. away from most of my family and friends..... i expected an 'okay' celebration.. didnt expect much actually.... but my 'current family' (god bless u guys) made the best of it... hahaha! i seriously didnt expect it to be THAT memorable!!! hahaha! i'll add in the pics later when i've got em...

anyway.... first things first. i came back, on the nite before my bday kinda early. It was a sunday so there was no transport back ( the hotel has a bus that sends their employees home.... usually it leaves bout 15-20 mins of punch-out time) so my senior sent me back.... so rather that reaching home bout 11.45pm... i was home at 11.15pm!!! hahaha! i saw the lights on at the balcony so when i went up, i was surprised to find that the house was dark... not only that, i smelt something burning! i noe, i noe.. DUH it was the candles but it jz didnt click at that moment! so for a moment then i got pretty scared. i rang the bell a few times and finally Eugene opens the door.......

The next thing i noe, i see a trail of flowers leading from the door to my bedroom... and it was dark... haha! i did have a bimbo moment for a second or two... thinking why the hell are there flowers on the floor.. (something that i kinda expected to get on my wedding night... i noe, with candles and all... sigh... such a wonderful display of... um.. anyway..) So naturally i followed them and as i enter my room...

i see June holding something with two candles!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! Nana is right behind her smiling her ass off while Reagan is on my bed in some kind of weird position trying to snap pictures!!! hahahaha!!! IT WAS SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!

the so called 'cake' was actually a jacobs cracker with peanut butter smothered on it!!! hahahahaha! *by this time i felt something at my feet, so i kicked it away* i blew my candle and they turned on the lights!!!!

after i gave em all bear hugs (except Reagan coz he was still in his funny pose!!!!)... and so nana is like, "arent u going to open ur present??"

im like scanning the room looking for it, but i jz couldnt.... and Nana's like" Its right there Atika!" while pointing down to my feet. Fuck. I kicked my present. What a screwed up thing to do. Sheesh!

Anyway, after all that fuss, i went to the 20th floor to find some peace at about 11.55pm... i didnt want to keep the others awake with the smses and calls i mite get.... did i mention that it was also my off day on my bday!

The presents from them are amazing! i got bling2 earings from June, a book, a watch, a bookmark (a beautiful one), angpau from reagans mum and COOKIES! hahaha!

So i find myself reading the book later in the afternoon when June anounces that we're gonna have dinner ' somewhere' at 7pm. Hahahahahaha!!!!! wheeeeeee!!! the next thing i noe, my DAD (the real one.. whom i dont see much of) calls me up and says that he'll be at my place in 2 hours (which actually meant 4 hours.. i've learnt that i'd have to add 2 hours everytime my dad givs me an ETA) hahaha!!! how lucky was i! and earlier that day i remember sulkily telling nana that i was crushed by the fact that i have nvr spent my bday with my real dad.. and that he never calls me too..... =)

So, my dad arrives with my stepmom and my two litle brothers, Ethan and Kharlish and he brings me to the famous Nasi Kandar 'Line Clear'!! hahaha! i noe.. a bit sad rite?? but i was just overwhelmed bout the fact that after 13 long years, i finally have my dad on my bday.

later, he sent home to meet up with the others at this beautiful restaurant.... Feringghi Garden! it was absolutely lovely!!!!

*theres just too many pictures so if u want to see more, go to my multiply site!!! *

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday blahhs...

Can i just first point it out that nobody's perfect... so the fact that i didnt post about my latest so called 'adventures' doesnt make me a sinner or anything.... anyways.. yeah Valentines .. woo hoo.. rah rah rah... feeling all the love... yeah... *sigh*.... i swear its turning out to be one of those excrutiating days that doesnt seem to pass quickly....and being alone is not the reason (in a way, actually it is... hahahaha!) its just the whole day has been tiring! im in kitchen now... 3rd day.. burned my fingers like crazy while frying eggs... im taking care off the egg counter for breakfast. anyhoo, i feel like going to sleep and jz.. never waking up again..... u noe that kind of feeling of... of total.... blahh!! its a weird feeling.. im probably just tired i guess.... not getting any proper sleep these past few days....

Training, overall despite being tired is great fun. i really dont regret picking Bayview Beach to do my training.... in fact, im kinda gonna miss it u noe.. its been a month plus.... and the staff are finally warming up to me... in every way possible.. we get lifts home every now and then... oh ya, which reminds me..

went back to KL last week. ( for all those ppl i didnt get to see when i went back, im so sorry!) took a night flight.. it felt great being back home... but when i woke up the next morning, the first thing that struck my mind was.. "Where the hell am i?" It just didnt feel rite! thats just wrong right?? wat the hell... and this is the best part.. i missed 'home'. get it?? i missed Penang. i missed waking up to the sounds of hooligans and bitches talking oh so loud as if we're staying in a mansion! For example...
imagine waking up to scene similar to this in the morning..... hahahahaha! this is, btw the BITCH of the house... haha! im serious, we literally call him Bitch. his fav line is "Im feeling Sexy..." by beyonce - naughty girl??? ring a bell?? hahahaha!!!!

one of our first photos together..... im so gonna miss the huge bunch!

The Bitch, Shannon - Miss "Earlybird, Nana - Hott Stuff, mua!!!! - Miss Petit' , Joanne - The King, Reagan - Miss Volume, Su Fen - Miss Vegetables & Fruits, June.
* Eugene wasnt here at the time.. he arrived the next day i think....*
what am i gonna do without these ppl...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Industrial Training - F&B


Day 21 - Coffee House
Today was kinda cool actually. The staff are really friendly. some of them are still, well.. distant but most of them are real nice. My service supervisor, "abang Alwi" (he made me call him that) is a nice guy. Told me that im not here to work but to learn, so i gotta ask LOADS of questions. Shift was 9-5. Kak Ani, the evening shift waitress (the shift im getting tomorrow) taught me quite a handful! Taking orders, using the terminal, menu research and loads more! Had so much fun! That was till this one guy showed up. A stalker. Here's why. I met him a few weeks ago at the bus station on the way home from the hotel. I thought he was a guest there, everyone there was. this couple walked up to him and asked him about the fare of the buses here. He didnt know, so he asked me, and i said no. Then, we started talking... small talk. about 10 minutes or so. So i told him that i was a trainee at the hotel (by right, he asked whether im a trainee coz he's nvr seen me around before.. or sumthin lyk dat) He was boasting bout rubbish... the kind that u say to some stupid, brainless 'kampong' (sorry for stereotyping here) gils who would believe all this shit and fall for the so called 'rich' guy.. Ugh! He said he had a big company in Dubai nad KL and some otha shit. Gave me his card. Also said he has a restaurant in Penang. He's Thai apparently. so, today he came looking fro me at the coffee house. He said he wanted to bring me out to dinner, and why i didnt call him back and shit. He also said that i can bring my other frinds and that he can introduce us to some boyfriends..... Eww eww eww!!!!!!! Fucking sick... The worse is this.. he know where i stay... not specifically but which apartment... fucked up!!! wat the fuck was i thinking... .but i honestly didnt think that he would go this far..... shit!!!! damn!!!! im scared as hell.. not only for myself but for the girls in my hse! told my sis Alia and she said "Hensem or kaya tak? Muahahahaha! Muda ker tua?" and "Hahahahaha! Sounds like ure type of guy!"
So much for loving sister!! hahahaha!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Industrial Training - Housekeeping

Industrial Training. I've actually benn dreading these two words for quite some time... not knowing how to get thru it n all... i wonder how evryone else did it.... so, now since its right in front of my face, haha! im screwed arent i???

this particular post is dedicated to my days in training in Penang. I'll make it easier by blogging it by departments okay??

for ur info, im actually copying wateva i write into my journal onto this blog... not all of it la.. but all the important details only!

*I'll fill up the blank ones as soon as i can okay?? its like that coz i can't remember the interesting details!


Day 1 - Rooms
2 words. Fucked up! cleaned 21 rooms. A bit tired... was very thirsty tho! the dept is dominated by indian ladies (not being racist here.. nothing wrong with it!). But, they don't like me! Refer to me as 'itu'. Kak Shima, my mentor of the day says 'skipping' rather than 'housekeeping' everytime she knocks the door! hahaha! i swear i almost pee'd a little when i first heard it! Didnt get any tips tho... majority of the ppl there cant speak english... which sux actually... but listening to their penang slang is like, so COOL! and makes some stuff they say funnier too! its an ok hotel.. kinda pricy, but worth it in a way. they target more of foreigners rather that locals... anyway, after i got back home... thats when the real fun began... my body ached like it nvr ached before..... hahaha! my back, legs, hands, butt n all! i was suprised they didnt fall off! oh ya, did i mention that the food SUX!!! like crazy!!! Had chicken rice, soya bean and ice cream.. ugh!

Day 2 - Rooms
My legs are falling off. My back is aching. Cleaned a total of 29 rooms today! Didnt get tired although i hurt myself preety badly.. My bottom half can't move. Lay Lee, my mentor today was real nice. She taught me how to make beds much faster than i usually do it. My floor manager, Theva is also awfully nice. Trying to get used to their slang, and their staring. Still feel left out. Not even a smile! My day off is on a Thrusday, for now. My back is breaking, i think im gonna hurt it real bad in a few days time. Helped stick the Kiblat sticker onto a ceiling, with the help of Lay Lee and Theva that is... since i was the taller one.. haha! i finished earlier that day! Waited for Reagan before meeting Joanne at Happy Mart (yes, i sed Happy Mart!). She's feeling unwell, slight fever. Nana has a double shift 2moro. In conclusion, i had fun today! Tiring, but fun. Junior, Jason and Sabrina are coming over 2moro! Yippie!

Day 3 - Rooms
More rooms man!! 32 rooms!! woo hoo!!!! haha! jz a little tired, suprisingly. Food sucked, yet again. Got Layy Lee again, but today she had PMS... No idea why! And the three stooges arrived safely!

Day 4 - Rooms
Today, my mentor was Saratha, an indian lady. taught me a whole lot more! all the hotel's S.O.P. The way she taught me was like she actually wanted me to learn and remember it till i die! occupency lowered like crazy from 77% - 34%. So they decided to do 'spring cleaning', much to my dismay! Junior, Jason and Sabrina missed their bus back to KL today... they were late.. decided to go to the beach... naik banana boat!!! sabrina jz didnt want to leave without goin on it! hahaha! damn cute la she! For this i'll add some pics la!!! hahaha!

Jason, me, Jr, Reagan, Sabrina, Nana n shae... okay, heres a story to tell... this pic was taken rite after we got onto the boat.... btw, Jr didnt noe that tjhis was called a banana boat.... he tot the boat pulling us was the banana boat... so blurr!!! hahaha!! anyway.....

look closely at this pic... everyone is smiling except SOMEONE! apparently, this pic was taken jz seconds after shae announced there was a jellyfish a metre away from us.... hahahahaha!!! me being a chicken shit and all.... hahaha! it was great fun i tell u! shae was going mad splashing evryone with sea water, Jason was hanging onto his life since evryone infront was jumping up n down... i almost let go at one point... scary shit... but grand finale ( besides screaming at the sight of the jellyfish ) was that SOMEONE decided to SPIT and guess wat?!??!?! being the unlucky girl that i am... it went straight for my face... YUCK!!!!! Funny right Jr?? i bet u laughing ur ass off now huh??? hmph! for those of u who are blind.. i even zoomed it!! hahahaha! even i crack myself up seeing this pic!

anyway (so much for industrial training thing!) The three of them are leavingon tuesday pulak.. did i mention that i did only 24 rooms 2day??

Day 5 - Rooms
Shift was as per normal. Kak Sarimah (mentor, duh!) had the most rooms of the day.. 35 rooms!!! 20 acant rooms, 3 blocked rooms adn 12 occupied.. basically we had the whole floor to ourselves la... she was the only mentor that didnt tell me to vacuum the floor.. ( oh ya, im known as vacuum girl there!) she was real funny! kept saying " Huih, dah-syiat!" everytime she spotted dust on the lampshades!

Day 6 - Rooms
Took an MC today.. had cramps (time of the month ppl...) The HR staff took me to a clinic nearby after 2 excrutiating hours of waiting in the locker room. Had the rest of the dat off. Didnt do much actyally. I came home jz in time to send the three ppl off.

Day 7 - Rooms
This day was total hell and chaos! We had 22 occupied rooms, 4 blocked rooms, 6 due in rooms and the rest of the rooms were dirty.. and one floor has about 43 rooms! i did overtime... bout 1hr 45 mins extra time! imagine... after lunch, which is bout 2pkm.. i still had 18 rooms to do! n my shift ends at 4pm!!! crazy rite???!

Day 8 - Day Off!
Its been quite a boring day actually. Woke up about 10am after being smacked in the face by someone... (dammit!) The past week has been an adventure really. The housekeepers are finally warming up to me, thank god! But work has been real tough! Tough on my back! Hurts like hell, but im getting used to it now i guess. All and all, its been an experience. I stil have 10 days left in housekeeping dept before i join F&B dept. Jason, Jr and Sabrina came and stayed for like, 3 nights! loads of fun with them around. Felt more like a holiday with them goofballs around! Sabrian is so sweet! she's known June since they were in kindergarten. Jason.. oh dear, sweet Jason... so blurr, yet so cute at the same time! he's so caring bout everything.. so concerned of everyone! Jr jahat! hahaha! and for that, me, june, nana and sabrina launched a sneak attack on Junior at th pool. The girls were swimming and the three jz arrived then... So, after much tugging, pulling, tickling and pushing... huffing and puffing and all, we finally got him into the pool! we took so long doing it too!!! So bad, bully girls! At one point, he was pulling both Sabrina and I, and we were holding onto him like crazy! hahaha! and best part, he fell on top of me in the pool so i hit my bum in the floor! ouch!

Day 9 - Rooms

Day 10 - Rooms

Day 11 - Rooms

Day 12 - Public Area
Apparently everyone forgot to mention that being in public area also meant being a 'general cleaner'. i swear to you right now, with god as my witness.. u will never, truly experience being humble if u haven't done this job. Dont get me wrong, im not trying to stereotype here.. but really. The foreigners arent the problem.... its the locals.. apparently most Malaysians look down on cleaners everywhere (im just assuming here okay, but i bet that im right!) i keep getting these looks... when im cleaning and all... sigh.. how sad are we Malaysians (makes me 'unproud' to be one..)

Nway, i was given to Kak Saroja, another indian lady. Shes lovely! Kept telling me to slow down while im doing my work. Here's the thing, by right the list of thing she does everyday will take exactly about the whole shift.. but with me around, its like splitting all the work in two! so we actually have so much time to spare... and waste! Here's what i was put in charge to do today!

a. Sweep main lobby (which is HUGE!)
b. Vacuum seating area (foyer)
c. Sweep and mop the coffee house
d. Clean the mirrors and vacuum the carpets in the gym
e. Vacuum the whole shopping arcade
f. Sweep the girl's locker room
g. Throw rubbish from the lobby.

i finished at about 2pm.. my shift ends at 3pm.. so, guess what?! Kak Saroja told me to stay out of sight (in the locker room0 and rest for the rest of the hour and wait till its time to clock out! hahaha! the first ever mentor to do that one! hahaha! no wonder she's nice right??

Day 13 - Public Area
Nothing wow about today.. well.. at least i think so...
haha! here's what i did today:

a. Sweep main lobby
b. Vacuum seating area (foyer)
c. Clean the mirrors and vacuum the carpets in the gym
d. Vacuum the whole shopping arcade
e. Sweep and mop the coffee house
f. Sweep the girl's locker room
g. Polish wood at the foyer
h. clean and scrub the 4 main huge-ass pillars at the main lobby (outside where the guest arrive)

ugh, i jz remembered.. there was this guy.. one of the drivers for the hotel i assume, he approached me while i was cleaning the pillars... ugh! i was busily cleaning em' (mind u, i was bending up and down while cleaning it.. and my pants were kinda falling off coz dah longgar..) until one point where.. I FOUND HIM CHECKING OUT MY ASS! The nerve!!! ugh!!! fucked up man! he was an old, smelly ass guy sumore! i left immediately and managed to give him a scornful stare... i hope he gets the msg !!!!

Day 14 - Public Area

Day 15 - Public Area

Day 16 - Laundry
Despite of my ankle acting up again, i went to work, DUH! Took mebout 15 mins to wlk down the hill (usually takes me less than 10 mins) and i was already LATE so i took a cab the rest of the way. Got there (on time!) and went to the laundry. After bout 30 mins of folding towels, i suddenly started trembling and i had cold sweat. The next thing i know, im swaying left to right. Now, i thought i was swaying bcoz of my ankle, so i excused myself to the toilet, At the lift, i realised i was on the verge of passing out! I got to the locker room, took my hp and smsed Nana and lied down and the next thing i noe, i woke up bout 20 mins later....
Jz blanked out...

So, as i regained consciosness, i went back down. To my horror (i sound like a fucking english teacher..) it happened again! But this time, the ladies saw and they started giving me drinks and told me to sit down. In short, fussing and nagging. Turns out, im not the 1st and certainly not the last. May i also remind u that i was limping throughout the whole day with everyone asking me why. Nway, they made me go to the clinic, so after lunch Nana accompanied me to the clinic. I told the doctor everything, bout my ankle being a permanent injury and the fainting stuff. In the end, he gave an MC.. ANOTHER MC!!!! MY 3RD MC! In a matter of 2 weeks i have already gotten 3 of em! wth rite?? i guess Danni passed me his curse..

*for all those who dont know Danni, he;s such a pain! always geting hospitalized bcoz of injury and getting sick. He's such a drama queen!

Day 17 - Laundry
I felt way, WAY better today! Walked to work (ankle is 80% healed). The things to do were quite straight forward actually. Fold, Fold, stack, and FOLD.. for me that is.. God knows how many towels i folded today ( by the hundreds i swear!) I also helped with the rollers.. steam rollers where u iron the linen.. Burned my fingertips when i was recieving the rolled linen. They were f*cking HOT! I even got a blister on my thumb to prove it! All and all, laundry is boring as hell. Im still deciding whether its much more boring than Hema's class. (THAT BAD!) Oh ya, did i mention.. rather than listening to the "Happy Working Song" (how i wish) or any music for that matter... we listen to DANGDUT! i was so annoyed that i started making sounds and beats up jz to stay awake! Haha! i swear this is true!!! The washung machine was playing "Last Night" 's beat!!!! I actually thought someone was playing it on their phone, but then i ralised it was the washing machine!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Day 18 - Laundry
Nothing out of the ordinary actually. Still had to do all those same things; fold, fold, stack and fold. Had a slightly betterdat them ytd. Th ewashing machine did weird sounds this time.. boo hoo! OMG!! i jz remembered... it was boring as hell at one point... with the dangdut song and all... So, when i thought it couldn't get any worse, God decides to prove me wrong. Who would have thought it would only take one word to ruin the whole day.

oh my god. OH MY GOD. OM MY GOD. The second i heard his voice... that was it... his entire album okay.... ugh!

Day 19 - Laundry
Yay ! im one with housekeeping!!!! WOO HOO!!! im much closer to finishing my training! For ur info.. today was bored as hell. Full stop!

Day 20 - Off Day!
Didnt do much actually. Woke up about 7.30am to wathch the sunrise on the 20th floorof my apartment. There's somekind of viewing bay up there. Anyway, i went back to sleep after that while most of the others went to eat nasi lemak. Later that day Nana, Reagan and i went to Gurney drive to shop for groceries. We played " shag, marry, kill" that night too! hahahahahahahaha! who would have known that shae would marry me.. and kill nana!!! muahahahahaha! ( i luv u nana... alamak! Dida, janagn jealous tau!!! muax! cintaQu! ) hahahahahaha!